1 hits DVD Offer

Sal will send you a DVD of your choice (While upplies last) for your digitally-recorded voice, saying any 10 of the lines below. These lines will be used as liners on SLURP -- Sal's Internet radio station. Simply record your voice as 10 seperate .wav or .mp3 files named as "Firstname_Lastname_Liner_1.mp3", and so on, and then upload them to the website, using the link below.

Feel free to modify the lines to include your name and other info. You can also send in your own lines (but please make them similar to those below).

Here are the lines:

Once you have uploaded 10, email sal@slurp247.net with your mailing address, DVD choice, and how you would like it you'd like it inscribed (autograph only, personalized,, special message, etc).

Available DVDs (with Sal appeasring in them)

A Wicked Business

Abe's Tomb

All Sinners Night

Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon.

Feeding the Masses

Hillbilly Bob Zombie

I Am Legend


I Don't Know How She Does It

Midnight Matinee Psycho

Mountain Mafia

Sal's Selected Scenes

Sal's Shorts

Super Tromette action Movie: Go!

The Box

The Fighter

Young Blood: Evil Intentions

Use this form to upload individual liner files

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