Top Requested
1. Ring Around The Dildo
    by J. M. Smig (20)
2. Ricky Licky Lapham
    by J. M. Smig (19)
3. cantbethatgoodex (19)
4. Angie Gangbang
    by J. M. Smig (9)
5. aardvark (8)
6. Goody Two Shoes
    by Adam Ant (8)
7. Earth Angel
    by Bella Morte (7)
8. I Need Some Money
    by John Lee Hooker (7)
9. Ambientism And The Taste Of Jism
    by J. M. Smig (5)
10. The Priest Came Last
    by J. M. Smig (4)
11. Me Too Horny
    by J. M. Smig (3)
12. Guys With Pies
    by J. M. Smig (3)
13. Bebe LaVodka
    by J. M. Smig (3)
14. That Spick Puts The Spick In Spick And Span
    by J. M. Smig (3)
15. Superorbital
    by J. M. Smig (2)
16. I Ain't Ever Satisfied (1989/Live In Calgary)
    by Steve Earle (2)
17. It's Only Avant-Garde The First Time
    by J. M. Smig (2)
18. Michael Verdugo
    by J. M. Smig (2)
19. Stan Packer And The Indian Hygiene Dilemma
    by J. M. Smig (1)
20. Influenza Da Vida
    by J. M. Smig (1)
21. Your Kids Aren’t Autistic, They're Just Molested
    by J. M. Smig (1)
22. Slick Vic The Spick Licks Chicks With Dicks Unless They’re Micks With Little Pricks
    by J. M. Smig (1)

Today is Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

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