On this server, Each artist has a folder in the music directory. Each Artist folder contains a subfolder for each album and the .mp3 files and album art is stored in the appropriate album folder. Any music that is not in an album folder will go into an album folder named "Untitled" (as in "Untitled Album"). So please be sure to fill out all fields with each item uploaded using this form.

You must have a password to upload files to this server. If you don't have a password, you can call me at 270-421-4012, to get one. A folder with the name of the Artist/Band that you enter on this form will be created on the site and a subfolder will be created under that with you album name (also, as entered on this form) -- if you don't have an album name, enter "Untitled". Your music and files will go into that folder, as you upload them. Please upload CoverArt (or a photo) for each album -- preferably named like "AlbumArt-{Artist Name_Album Name}-.jpg" and an introductory liner to play before your music (ie, "This is.... of.... and you're listening to us on SLURP (or Sal Lizard's Uncensored Radio Programming)). I check for new music folder several times a day and will get you on the air ASAP. Call me, if I can help -- 270-421-4012. Thank you.

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